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The AWAP’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association for early-career Women Archaeologists and Paleontologists (AWAP) aims to guide the organization of the AWAP’s activities and ensure that it remains aligned with its goals of promoting gender equity in archaeology and paleontology. Responsibilities of the Board include setting organizational policies, managing finances, planning events and initiatives, and representing AWAP in external engagements. 

The BoD is currently made up of seven members, including four of the five founders of the association who are automatically renewed (unless they specify otherwise) and three members elected for 2 years.

Emilie Berlioz

MSCA researcher at EvoAdapta (Spain), co-founder of AWAP and VCWAP, and paleontologist, Emilie explores the ecology of Pleistocene ungulates from dental archives to infer human & non-human paleo-environments, and explores the answers of ungulates to (paleo)-environmental changes.

Ana Belén Galán López

Ana is an archaeologist, co-founder of AWAP and VCWAP, and associate researcher at TRACES UMR5608 (France). She specializes in zooarchaeology and taphonomy and is interested in the study of subsistence strategies during the Paleolithic and ecomorphology approaches, mainly through Machine Learning and GMM techniques.

Margot Louail

Margot is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University (USA) and co-founder of AWAP and VCWAP. Her research investigates ecological and evolutionary trends in omnivores (i.e. suids and hominins) from African Plio-Pleistocene ecosystems. She notably uses dental microwear, biogeochemistry, and experimental approaches.

Axelle Walker

Axelle is a postdoctoral researcher in paleontology at PALEVOPRIM (France) and co-founder of AWAP. She is interested in the relationship between tooth shape and function during mastication in primates and rodents: combining 3D dental topography, 3D geometric morphometry, experimental approaches, and modeling.

Ana Abrunhosa

Ana is an MSCA-COFUND postdoctoral researcher at IPHES-CERCA (Spain) and an ICArEHB (Portugal) associated researcher. She is an archaeologist studying Neanderthal lithic raw material procurement strategies, focusing particularly on quartz and quartzite.

Alicia Blasi-Toccacceli

Alicia is a postdoctoral researcher in paleontology at the Department of Anatomy, Midwestern University, Glendale (USA). She is interested in the relationships between postcranial skeleton and the practice of activities such as stone tool making, bipedalism, etc. She uses comparative approaches such as musculoskeletal modeling and 3D geometrics morphometrics.

Axelle Gardin

Fulbright postdoctoral researcher at the Isotopologue Paleosciences Lab at the University of Michigan (USA), Axelle is interested in past intertropical African freshwater ecosystems. She studies freshwater vertebrates (fish, turtles, crocs, hippos, etc.) using stable oxygen isotopes, faunal assemblage, skeletal growth, and functional anatomy, to better understand variability in paleoenvironments.

Former Board of Directors’ members

Julie Bachellerie

Co-founder of AWAP and VCWAP, archeologist.