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Who are we?

Founded in December 2021, the Association for early-career Women Archaeologists and Paleontologists (AWAP) is an association under the law of 1901, collectively managed and which brings together members from various backgrounds, in particular Archaeologists and Paleontologists, sensitive to gender equality and parity in Science.

Our main objectives are to:

  • consolidate the community of women Archaeologists and Paleontologists;
  • promote them by giving more visibility to their work, especially young/early-career women researchers.

We also want to create more dialogue and interdisciplinary collaborations between Paleontologists and Archaeologists, because these two disciplines, which have many scientific questions in common, would greatly benefit from more interactions between them.

Our ambition is also to create spaces and moments of discussion around the difficulties encountered by women in our disciplines, to reflect and to propose concrete actions in order to progress towards more equality and parity in Science. This also involves the implementation of actions aimed at making the work of women scientists known to the general public and encouraging scientific vocations among girls.

Organization of the association

Until the first general meeting in December 2022, the association is managed by a collective directing board composed of the 5 founders.

Our history