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VCWAP 2024: Congratulations to Abril Castagnola, awarded the Prize for the best Poster

Congratulations to Abril Castagnola,

awarded the Prize for the Best Poster!

During the 4th Virtual Conference for Women Archaeologists and Paleontologists (VCWAP), early-career women researchers presented 33 posters on Gather Town©, a dynamic platform for remote meetings that allows for online face-to-face interactions.

Among the array of posters, Abril Castagnola‘s work captured the attention of the jury, earning her the Award for Best Poster. Abril Castagnola was awarded a €100 prize provided by the Association for Early-Career Archaeologists and Paleontologists (AWAP). Congratulations to Abril on this well-deserved recognition!

The poster: «Exploring oral health in Late Holocene fisher-hunter-gatherers from the Paraná River basin wetlands (Santa Fe Province, Argentina)», by Abril Castagnola and Paula Galligani

This study examines the oral health of past populations in wetlands of the Santa Fe Province, Argentina, where sites are harshly affected by taphonomic processes. Despite sparse and fragmented dental remains, analysis of dental records from three archaeological sites revealed low frequencies of oral pathologies but significant degrees of calculus and wear. Results suggest a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, that included the consumption of food with abrasive particles.

These preliminary findings, when contextualized with existing archaeological data, emphasize the need for further research to understand interactions between human populations, environment, and social structure in the region.

The presenter: Abril Castagnola

Abril Castagnola studied Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology at the National University of Rosario (UNR) in Argentina. Her research focuses on osteological analyses of hunter-gatherer-fisher populations that inhabited wetlands systems (in the current Santa Fe province) during the Late Holocene. She is particularly interested in cutting-edge methodologies for studying human bones and teeth that have been significantly affected by taphonomic processes

As a member of the GIAN Research Group since 2016, Abril conducts fieldwork, excavations, and analyses of different archaeological records. Additionally, she serves as a teaching assistant in the Paleoanthropology and Evolution and Bioanthropology courses at UNR. She actively contributes to museum curations and outreach programs, sharing knowledge about bio and paleoanthropological aspects with children, teenagers, and the general public. 

Her achievements also include scholarships that enable her to collaborate with international institutions such as the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the University of Basque Country.

To find out more, follow the news on Abril’s work on her social media:

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